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EO&Co. is a multifaceted language agency based in Barcelona. 

We are fully committed to providing superior and efficient language courses, training, consulting, and support. An important aspect of the service we provide is follow-up and strict monitoring to ensure progress and achievement of communication goals with the students.

At EO&Co., our made-to-measure approach enables us to fully adapt to our clients, as our principal aim is to foster the creation of the language connections they seek worldwide.



We know how vital it is to set the bar high. We expect nothing less from our students. We insist that our sessions exemplify a standard of quality. We uphold that each lesson is equally stimulating and worthwhile, in a way that tests each student’s ability and determination.  


We are aware of how fast our world changes, therefore, we holistically adapt our methods to our clients and their environment.


We affirm that it is our essential duty to empower and strengthen our students’ language learning by executing dynamic, inspiring, and invigorating sessions.

Erinn Alexandra O’Connor


Erinn Alexandra was born in Eugene, Oregon, USA. At age 7 she began studying Spanish, and ever since that moment she found languages fascinating. At age 14 she was signed to an exclusive contract with Ford models.

In 2001, upon completing high school she swiftly moved to New York City to pursue a degree in History and Middle Eastern Studies at Hunter College, City Univeristy of New York, where she also began her studies in Arabic language. During her studies she also diligently worked as an UN intern for UNIFEM (Now UN Women) at the United Nations.

In 2007 she took the decision to establish herself as a teacher in Barcelona, where she has devoted herself to language teaching ever since. From 2010-2016 she carried out a degree in Arabic and Hebrew Studies, Middle/ Near Eastern and Semitic, Languages, Literature, and Linguistics at the University of Barcelona.

In 2012 she founded EO&Co. Language Agency. She is the proud mother of 3 children.


«There’s no finish line»


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Ivette Sánchez

Ivette Sánchez

English Language & Learning Specialist

Montse Sáez

Montse Sáez

English Language & Learning Specialist

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