kids & teens

Language Classes for Children

We make it fun first. The ability to speak another language is a wonderful skill, but it’s important that above all, your child gets to be a kid. We provide a teaching environment that makes the experience creative and fun for your kids. Our teachers always find ways to make the lesson outcomes enjoyable, productive and meaningful. At-home instruction involves studying from a selected coursebook. Working from a book helps give structure to the lessons. We ensure that 80% of each lesson is Speaking. Weekly homework will be given in order to help reinforce what is the child has learned in class.

Language classes for Teens

Our teen classes are taught by expert teachers of teenagers, who will inspire and motivate them to achieve their English language goals. Students will enjoy fun and interactive lessons that use modern, and engaging activities specially designed for the way teenagers learn. We make a point of developing lessons that are different from, but support regular school studies. Knowing that teenagers interest in something change like the wind blows, we ensure that each student will receive the individual attention they need thereby building their confidence to communicate their thoughts and opinions by using real English confidently and fluently.

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